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Our Story

The Jules story was born out of a passion for good food, family and a love of community. John and Jan Ordway, finding a scarcity of restaurants to take their young girls, decided to open their own place. A spacious, modern and comfortable space where healthy, organic food would be paramount, community involvement important, and where employees would have a fun and positive place to work... unlike anything you've come to expect from a fast casual restaurant.

It's a story told with pizza

One hot, thin, crispy crust, topped with locally sourced, organic products at a time. For us: it's the taste - we love our thin crust. Crunchy with a little bit of chewiness... perfect! Now top that tasty crunch with the basics - Marguerite or Brooklyn style, or be adventurous and try a variety. For you: Wholesome. JULES was created so that everybody (not just parents) would have a great place for a quick and healthy meal. And pizza is everybody’s favorite. Our organic dough and sauces are made fresh, in-house, every day. No additives. No bad stuff. Only the good. Our ingredients are seasonal, locally sourced when possible, and organic.

Gluten Intolerant? Vegan? Vegetarian? We have your back. Just look at our menus for all the different toppings we offer on 3 types of organic crusts (including our special gluten-free crust). JULES thin crust is much lower in fat than a conventional pizza. Good for every body and good for the environment. A win win!

This We Believe

This is where Jules started... if you are going to start a business, what would it be like?

  • Create and sell something you care about. So we came up with a great tasting pizza that we like, the kids like, and is healthy to eat.
  • Have a workplace where you would want to be every day that reflects your lifestyle and interests. A place that makes you, your staff and your customers feel good.
  • Create an experience that people want to be part of, whether eating in, taking out or ordering online.
  • Create jobs that encourage longevity within the company, with real fun and camaraderie, honest pay, reasonable hours and benefits.
  • Be an active member of and give back to your community.
  • Partner with local farmers so that we can all eat better and invest in our local economy.
  • Treat the Planet right. Recycle, compost and reduce waste. Lead by example.

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